Optimistic Vision

Optimism Vision

Let’s build an equitable Internet

The traditional web has inherited exploitative economic rulesets that limit power and influence in the hands of the few. The Optimism Collective aims to create a new internet that benefits all and is owned by none.

This internet will be sustained by rewarding public goods through Retro Funding.

The Optimism Collective is a new model of digital democratic governance. It is a band of communities, companies, and citizens united by the axiom of impact=profit — the principle that positive impact to the Collective should be rewarded with profit to the individual.

Put simply, we’re forking capitalism.

This Internet runs on the Superchain.Red sparkle

A secure, equitable, and fair internet can only exist if it is built on decentralized infrastructure. Blockchains are the key, but they need a platform for global scale.

The foundation for a more equitable digital economy is an interconnected network of blockchains built on a modular, open-source codebase.

This system will distribute power more evenly across the Superchain, ensuring that no one can own the internet. Empowering values. Robust infrastructure. An economy where everyone thrives.

This is the digital realm we want to live in.