The fast and affordable platform powering teams of all sizes. Join Base, Zora, OP Mainnet, Farcaster, and hundreds more on the Superchain.

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Deploy your chain

Create your own OP Chain on the Superchain and join a network of decentralized blockspace, powered by the OP Stack, secured by Optimism Governance.

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Shared Upgrades

Inherit governance-approved upgrades from the OP Stack and benefit from the best protocol stack in the industry.


Get best-in-class security and incident response to keep your chain & your users safe.

Ecosystem Support

Turnkey developer tooling, pre-deployed infrastructure, guaranteed integrations, and cross-chain growth campaigns to give your project a head start.


Boost your business by collecting a margin from transaction fees on your chain.


Ongoing public goods funding keeps the network safe and creates best-in-class develop tooling.

Liquidity - coming soon

Interoperability across chains allows 1:1 swaps, improving user experience and lowering liquidity fragmentation.

Build with the OP StackRed sparkle

The open-source engine behind the Superchain: modular, scalable, highly interoperable, and built for blockchains of all kinds.

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Open & transparent

Always open source, and proudly forked by over 40 chains – it’s in our DNA.


Less than 1k lines of code diff from L1 geth. The cleanest, safest, scaling solution.

Parallel development

Core developers collaborate and contribute to protocol development. If you want to go far, go together.

Designed to scale

Modular consensus, execution, and proof systems. Multiple alternative stacks, with innovation on all fronts.

OP Stack